Hill Walking

 Hill Walking

How it all started - hill walking

Although the first recorded hill-walker summiting was in 1492 , it took centuries for the general public to realise the physical and psychological benefits of travelling and hill walking through wild places. Sir Hugh Munro, who compiled the original list of 283 peaks of 3000ft/914 metres or more that are good for hill walking, was inadvertently responsible for setting a goal, which the Rev A. E. Robertson attained in 1901,after 10 years of walking the hills. It took another 22 years for the second "compleater" to be recorded!

Malcolm also took 10 years to reach the Munro-bagging grail, starting in 1988 aged 50 ,and being the 1998th ascensionist, the only one that will ever have the same number as the year of completion!

Hill walking now

Now, of course, there have been over 4000 people who have recorded completion. The attraction of the "hill walking sport", apart from the physical challenge it offers, is that it can be enjoyed on so many levels. The chance to know your own country intimately, the contact with flora and fauna otherwise denied, the experience of a variety of topographical and geological variations of landscape contained within this small country , but the main satisfaction experienced on return from these expeditions is the feeling of well-being born of accomplishment, tempered with the humility naturally felt by one's insignificance in the face of nature's forces.

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